Goat Yoga: everything you need to know about the latest yoga fad

My family has had goats since I was 9 years old. I also teach yoga. Ergo, I am a goat yoga expert. (kidding. pun intended) 


Goat yoga is popping up everywhere. It's been a hot trend for the past year or so and for good reason: goats are one of the most cute and playful animals on the planet. 

So whether you're thinking about finding a farm to have your very own goat yoga experience or you're just curious and want a little more insight, here are a few things you need to know.

1) There will be poop

And pee. Goats produce excrement indiscriminately. But don't worry,  it's all natural! Trust me - goat poo is a lot less germ-y than most things you touch through out your typical day anyway. 

2) Goats are actually picky eaters - but they will chew on everything

Contrary to popular belief, goats do not eat everything. In fact, they are very picky. When we get a new bag of feed that is *slightly* different than the last (same brand, literally just a new bag) they freak out. However, goats CHEW everything. They love to chew things - clothes, hair, anything. Especially baby goats - they're in their oral stage. So make sure your hair is up and maybe even in a hat. 

3) Be prepared to little feel hooves on your back

It doesn't hurt. Just think of it as special deep tissue  massage. (they do this to their mom's, too)

4) The yoga practice will be different than a studio class

In other words, don't expect to experience the same sensations as you would in a studio class. You may have a harder time focusing with adorable goats around, but there's something grounding and therapeutic about getting down and touching dirt, seeing some insect life around you, and of course petting goats. 

5) Just play

Don't worry too much about your form (just enough not to injure yourself, of course) and most of all, breathe deeply and get a little dirty. Spread some love to the goats, the bugs, the other animals and humans around you, and the world.