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Love Your Back

  • Ascend Cycle 2413 Mount Vernon Avenue Alexandria, VA, 22301 United States (map)

Most cyclists have postural imbalances due to the repetitive use of large muscle groups includingquads, hamstrings, hip flexors, and lower backs. If left uncorrected, this can lead to chronic poor posture and injuries.

Show your back and body some love by stopping by ascend cycle February 17th between 6 and 8 to have your posture evaluated by Dr. Miranda Wall. She will check for muscle and postural imbalances that you may need to address so that your cycling can improve as well as your overall health and keep you pain and injury free!

Most cyclists aren’t limited by their fitness, but by their comfort on the bike. To improve your riding, chiropractic care can help by:

§  identifying and correcting postural and muscle imbalances

§  keeping joints flexible and ensure you have full range of motion.

§  providing specific adjustments and myofascial release to improve nerve and blood flow and aid in recovery