Why I recommend CHOLINE to 4 out of 5 of my patients





Choline is one of the most basic supplements that I recommend to my patients and I do it for a variety of reasons.  Choline is considered a bile salt and it plays a pivotal role in the digestion of fats.  These bile salts act as an emulsifying agent and break fats into fatty acids.  Without a steady stream of fatty acids in our body we set ourselves up for a variety of neuro-degenerative disorders like Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, and MS.

Our livers should be actively making bile salts and they are an important component of the quart of bile our liver is making on a daily basis.  Poor food choices over time use up our bile salts and lead to all kinds of digestive problems from acid reflux, gas, and bloating to constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, and diverticulitis.  Choline is very effective in restoring GI tract health and improving digestion. Some of you have felt for yourselves when you don't breakdown fats efficiently.  It may have lead you to call my office because of low back pain, shoulder/neck pain, and migraine headaches.  Along with an adjustment I probably recommended chloine or some other digestive aid to help get you out of pain and holding the adjustment sooner.  

I also routinely recommend a diet high in fruits and vegetables for many reasons.  One of the big ones is because the salts in fruits and veggies are perfect for making healthy bile and supplying a constant dose of bile salts.  Please feel free to ask me next visit how you are doing in the bile department and if you could use some choline.







                                      TCA DECEMBER 2017 NEWSLETTER

       To Understand Your Health You Should Understand A

                              Few Digestive Basic



Last month I wrote about the importance of choline and the digestive system.  This month and in the months to come I will begin connecting the dots so that you can help correct almost any health problem you find yourself faced with.  Health research the last 20 years has been nothing short of extraordinary showing the connection of the gut to hundreds of the named diseases as expressed by the medical community.  The new approach to health leads us away from the treatment of symptoms to the proactive, self responsible, self care model of health and well-being.  


I get the opportunity to take care of lots of people with lots of different problems. Many if not all have an underlying digestive issue that is at the root cause of their problem.  We learned early in life that the knee bone is connected to the hip bone and modern science now shows us that "everything is connected."  You have also heard that "you are what you eat" and that statement is true on so many levels.  How about trust your 'gut" instinct.  That's another one that rings true for many of us.  Putting these truisms together points to mastering your gut because everything you experience is directly related to the health of the digestive system, and the microbiome that resides within it.


The fastest way to restore the micobiome is to correct the organs of digestion that are down and eat a diet that creates an alkaline environment inside the body. The problem with this is that you need to eat a diet high in fruits and veggies and take supplementation that is directed to help the cause.  I only call this a problem because it can be very hard to eat like this consistently and know the right supplementation to take to help your particular problem.  The supplements needed could include herbs, minerals, vitamins, enzymes, bicarbonates, salts, probiotics, and more.  When you fix stomachs you correct Vitamin D deficiency,  when you clean up a colon you reverse anemia, you fix a gallbladder and migraines go away, fix your kidneys and you fix 1000 things. 


Start by eating a big bowl of fruit for one of your daily meals and begin preparing your body for a year of cleaning, detoxing, and feeling good!  From last months newsletter you should already be on a daily dose of choline that is the foundation of a healthy GI tract.  I'm looking forward to helping you be well in 2018!


Happy Holidays from the TCA family!

Be looking in early January for a lecture by Dr. Sean discussing what it takes to be healthy in the 21st Century.

Dr. Sean



                            TCA  Newsletter January 2018

                                                      Understanding Health Like Never Before





If you were to start cleaning up your body continuously for the rest of your life what do you think would happen? You would most likely age more gracefully than anyone around you.  Your would most likely not have to worry about the laundry list of problems that occur with aging.  You would probably eliminate the need for medications.  You would most likely be able to move without pain and actively do whatever you felt like. Feeling of happiness, joy, and love would be the emotions that you felt the most.  These things are very real possibilities when you start taking an increased role in caring for yourself.   I see it everyday in my office.


Many people start thinking of 1 day, 1 week, or god forbid 1 month of detox to set things straight.  These may be helpful to rid yourself of unwanted debris from a weekend or the holidays.  This is never enough for the one who wants to ensure that they are truly healthy and are suffering from ongoing and nagging symptoms.  I want to change your belief and feelings about detox so you consider doing it forever!  This can be done simply by adding some fresh food into your daily diet and taking the right supplementation to keep everything moving through your body with ease.  


When you start this approach you may have to be heavy on the fruits, veggies, and supplements for a while to get cleaned up and things moving in the right direction.  Once you are on the right track, you will have the ability to "cheat" a bit and still be clean.  I know when I have a patient who gets clean when they say "I started feeling sick and my symptoms stated coming back and realized I started eating all the things I used to.  I went back to clean eating and getting my supplements in and I was right back to normal."


For many of you who are on my nutrition program you will notice that I always have you taking herbal formulas in the mix of things.  WHY?  Because the herbs on this planet are here to help our organs and glands heal and replenish.  Our entire body evolved and was constructed by the good bacteria that resides in our gut.  These bacteria fed on herbs to do this, they did not feed on coffee, bagels, and cream cheese to create this miraculous feat over millions of years.


Start eating a bit lighter and crowd out the heavier foods by adding in more fruits and veggies to the diet.  One important factor in strengthening your digestive system is giving it a break from the complexity of food that goes into it.  One or two meals a day of just fruit or veggies allows the digestive system to rest and heal.  You should be on some choline and a big bowl of fruit everyday.  (This is from the previous two newsletters, visit my website at, to read them).  These two things are helping to create a healthy ph in the bowels so the good bacteria and good yeast can flourish. 


Now its time to introduce your microbiome to the herbal kingdom designed to clean and heal bowels.  One of my favorite herbal formulas I use to start cleaning the bowels is called Colon Clear.  This formula is a blend of 8 herbs that are great for getting waste out of the bowels and helping to sooth and heal the bowel walls.  You can also go online or to the store and pick up something that has the same intent.  Some of the herbs listed should be marshmallow, slippery elm, dandelion, ginger, fennel, aloe, garlic, black walnut, barberry.  Herbs work well in combination with one another and actually enhance their effectiveness.  


Colon clearing products should not be used for long periods and should be slowed down if loose stools continue.  Loosening of the bowels is expected so make sure that you are getting adequate water intake on a daily basis to avoid dehydration.  Getting the bowels cleaned up is my recommendation before starting a probiotic which I will discuss next month.  The ph of the gut soil is the determining factor for how your good bacteria grow and a good colon clearing product can be the fastest way to get the gut ph balanced. Just because your bowels move everyday does not mean they are completely emptying.


Some simple signs of congested bowels include fatigue, colds and flues that linger, hip and IT band pain, neck and shoulder tightness, headaches, sinus congestion, and arthritic pain.  Take your time with this process and pay close attention to how the food you ate today moves out of your tomorrow.  Losing a few pounds in a few days is a good sign you are moving in the right direction. Learn more this weekend! See below for this Saturday's lecture.