Dr.Sean Woods came highly recommended to me by a neighbor years ago. I had tried several chiropractors previously, and I was always a bit hesitant of being cracked and manipulated since I had been dealing with metastases to my bones from breast cancer. After feeling like other chiropractors weren't getting to the root of my issues, and by this time several other people had mentioned Dr. Sean to me,I realized I needed to make an appointment with him.  Dr. Sean is not just a chiropractor, he is a Holistic Practitioner. He treats the whole body, nutrition and overall attitude/mind/spirit.  Dr. Sean's wealth of knowledge is incredible whether he's talking about meridians, nutrition, supplements, lymphatic system or bone/muscle structure and movement. I trust and value his advice so much I brought my 11 year old son to him because he was having frequent headaches and within a week my son who had been having several headaches a week hasn't had one. He also alerted us to a milk allergy my son had and we've taken him off dairy.  If you're looking for someone to treat you and not any 1 symptom I highly recommend Dr. Sean. He has helped manage my pain like nothing else has been able to.



I’ve been going to Dr Sean for over 4 years. His knowledge about the human body is expansive and never limited to just one conversation. Whether it’s chiropractic care, or nutritional testing, he can talk about any aspect of the body and answer the questions we all have about why something is happening.  In a world where we want to have conversations about issues in isolation of the rest of our bodies, Sean is able to speak to the necessity of health through proper eating, exercise, yoga, and nutritional supplements to allow our bodies to operate at their peak.  Sean has always inspired me towards good health and I have learned an enormous amount from him.




I am a strength and conditioning coach in Old town and I rotate in Power Lifting, CrossFit, and Hypertrophy programs.  Naturally, this puts some strain on my body, which has led to me seek out some of the best health providers Old Town has to offer.  To date I've been adjusted by five different chiropractors.He expertly determined the source of some long standing pain I've had -- consistent with the bits and pieces I've heard from other health providers (MAT, ART, etc.)  He did about 3 adjustments and actually felt the tension on the right side of my body melt away.
Walking out of his Office (which by the way is absolutely amazing with ample parking and it's really clean) I can actually feel my body re-balance itself and walking felt normal for a change.  I am normally known for the Roberts swagger -- but today I am walking like a normal person.
This review is just based off couple appointments, but I'll be back.  That said it was the best and most thorough adjustment I've had to date, and for this reason it is worth 5 stars.  Sean I feel great.