"For a month I've had back pain, manageable yet annoying. Monday I woke up having extreme pain and back spasms in my upper/neck region. I immediately made an appointment with Dr. Miranda Wall in hopes of getting fixed in time for my half Marathon this weekend. By Tuesday 90% of the pain was gone, today there's no pain. She's incredible! If you ever need a chiropractor make an appointment with this goddess!"

SH 03/2017

"Until a couple of weeks ago I had never visited a chiropractor and didn't really know what they do. But after hearing a friend rave about her chiropractor, Dr. Miranda Wall, I decided to schedule an appointment to see if anything could be done to help my chronically sore, tight, and stiff upper back, shoulders, and neck, which hadn't improved much even after physical therapy and daily stretches and exercises. 

Suffice it to say that I've now been to see Dr. Miranda twice, and I'll be going back. Being able to turn my head all the way to the right and left (finally) is nice."

RB, 01/2017

"I came to see Dr Sean after a hairdressing appointment (all those mirrors!) showed just how ‘puffy’ I had become. My energy levels were so low that completing a single task required a rest, and I was tired of feeling lousy. My hairdresser shared how she had been seeing Dr Sean, and since I knew of him from visits years before, I decided to make an appointment.

Over the past six months we’ve taken steps to clear the excess lymph in my system, certainly a contributing factor in my auto-immune conditions; done regular chiropractic adjustments; and worked on my overall nutrition. Turns out that a diet of essentially fruit, with a little bit of meat and vegetables, suits my system extraordinarily well.

I’ve lost 18 pounds, feel better than I have in years, and have enough energy to train for a 62 mile cycling event in October. Calling Dr Sean was definitely a positive step towards taking control of my health!"



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